Keeping You Running

Here at Stocker Solutions, we believe that you need the right machine the first time, not two or three machines later. That is why we only offer the best quality products, to outlast those two or three machines you may have gone through in the meantime.
Rest assured as well, our Mechanical Team is fully up to date with servicing and repair requirements of everything we stock, as well as being registered service agents for all brands of equipment we stock.


Keeping your Pneumatics running

We’ve got your Compressed Air Solutions covered from portable devices through to large industrial units there is something for everyone.


Keeping your Pneumatics running​

If you need a steam or water blaster for home or full industrial large scale continuous washing, we have a large range to choose from.


Welding Solutions​

Welders are an integral part in metalwork and we have access to a large range of quality made welders. Whether you are after a small mig, tig, arc welder or a plasma cutter for the home, or a large multi-use machine for a commercial engineering operation, we have a solution for you.
We also stock a large range of welding consumables such as wire, sticks, tips, and nozzles to suit a wide variety of machines. There’s also a range of welding helmets and gloves to choose from as well.


Keeping you warm

Being in cold surroundings is part and parcel of living in the South Island.
With our range of quality made diesel heaters we have a model to suit small garages right through to large workshops.
Our dedicated mechanical team is also qualified to service and maintain your diesel equipment to make sure it is performing to its maximum capacity.


Measure it once, measure it right​

Getting minerals to stock on the farm can be a tricky balance.
With our range of quality dosing pumps, we can provide the right solution for your farm setup to deliver accurately measured minerals to your water troughs.
We currently service and maintain all common brands of dosing pumps on the market, and can often install a loan unit while yours is being serviced.