Keeping You Milking

Stocker Solutions has had the motto “Keeping you Milking” since starting out in 1995. Building the company around the Mid Canterbury Dairy boom, they are a GEA Service Agent, and have access to all brands of Milking Machine Equipment. From New Builds through to automation upgrades, they’ve got a solution for everyone.


Stockers & GEA Since 2012

Stocker’s have been involved with GEA since they brought the Milfos brand in late 2012.
Previous to GEA acquiring Milfos, Stocker’s had been involved with  Milfos/Milkaware New Zealand since the conception of the company in 1995.
The GEA network allows us to offer a complete dairy solution from installing a new conversion through to daily consumables and routine servicing and preventative maintenance.


Improving Existing Sheds

Our dedicated machine testing team are NZMPTA registered and up to date with all the latest requirements and regulations specified in NZCP1.
We can test your milking plant and offer solutions for you to achieve the best results in keeping your milking machine working to its optimum.


Registered NZMPTA Machine Testers

We are able to supply and recommend products to retrofit seamlessly into your existing shed, and systems.
From installing ACR’s to upgrading the Milk & Air Lines and receiving cans to increase milk flow and plant performance.
We can also help upgrade your cooling and filtration systems to meet NZCP1 standards.


Saving on Labour Costs

Cup Removers are one of the key upgrade or retrofitted items we install.
Saving time and money on labour during milking, we can also save cow health reducing over or under milking through operator error.
GEA has a large range of cup remover & labour saving options that can be retrofitted into any make and model style of shed.


Keeping an Accurate Eye on things

GEA has a large range of equipment to ease operation on farm and within the milking shed.
CowScout is one of the most popular automation systems that GEA produces. It saves time and money with its heat detection technology, and can also Scout out those cows that are beginning to be unwell allowing for very early intervention when needed.
It uses some of the worlds most advanced technology to help ease your daily decision making.


Solutions from Manual to Automated

From manual handheld teatsprayers through to automated inbail or exit race spraying, there is a wide range of teatsprayers on the market to suit the applications you require.
We can suggest the best solution for your needs and dairy setup.
We also have specialist technicians to repair and service any brand of teatspray systems currently on the market.


Getting Things Mooving

Here at Stocker’s we are agents for McConnel Backing Gate Drives and Reporoa Herdflow Backing Gate Systems.
We’ve chosen these two brands specifically due to their robustness and ease of use and longevity.


Keeping the Milk Flowing

Here at Stocker’s we know that not every dairy or farm setup is the same. That’s why we offer a range of calf milk solutions.
From portable pumps through to petrol powered pod units, and fixed tank and stirrers, we’ve got solutions.


We Come To You

We realise that it’s not always easy to fit getting into town for parts into a hectic farming lifestyle. That’s why we come to you.


Our Showroom

Our fully stocked Retail Showrooms carry our retail range, as well as dairy shed consumables for all types and brands of milking equipment.


Keeping You Cool

With recent changes in milk cooling, the teams at Stockers have come up with some ingenious ways in being able to help you meet the milk cooling requirements, as well as saving you money.


Monitoring in Real Time

Stocker’s have invested in accurate milk temperature monitoring equipment and developed a way of monitoring your milk temperatures right from the source through to the vat.
This approach allows you to target key underperforming areas without the need for large capital outlays. In some case adjustments to water intake by our plumbers can make the world of difference.


Cooling where it counts

With our advanced monitoring procedures, and access to a large range of GEA plate coolers, we can carry out upgrades to your existing systems to provide you with great water cooling abilities.
We can offer specialist plate coolers able to bring milk within 1°C of the cooler intake water in a lot of cases.


Snap Chilling​

If your ground water supply is a little hot, or you are milking a large number of cows, or sometimes you just want a system that will bolt straight in between milkings, GEA has a large range of water chillers, or glycol snap chillers.
We can provide you with the right solution for your setup and cow numbers avoiding over capitalising on equipment not required.
The GEA chillers are also proven to be one of the most power efficient chillers currently on the market in New Zealand.


Skilled Solution Fabricators

Our team have some very unique fabrication abilities. We carry out a wide range of work using various materials in order to help provide solutions for your boat through to specialist manufacturing plants.


We can design and build custom products to suit your requirements.
From general mild steel welding and fabrication through to galv, we can turn your paper design into reality, and even take care of the paperwork required.


We are fortunate to be able to work with some industry leaders in their fields in order to fabricate custom solutions to keep them running.