Is your drinking water safe to drink?

NZ has an abundance of fresh water but not all of it is safe to drink.

Stocker Solutions are experts in drinking water quality for the Mid Canterbury region.

Common signs that your drinking water is contaminated

water appears 'dirty'

Water tastes funny

limescale on taps, sinks, baths

Blue/Green staining on basins and baths

recurring health issues

Stomach issues

Drinking water that tastes or looks ‘funny’ or is leaving stains on your plumbing can be signs that there are excessive unwanted minerals present. 

Other chemicals and Nitrates in your water can be present without your knowledge. Most are odourless and have no taste. While you can’t see them with the naked eye they can still pose a great risk to your health and wellbeing, sometimes with very serious consequences.

Common water contaminants in Mid Canterbury.

We aren’t here to scare you – we’re here to educate and provide a solution to our community.

Countless studies have been conducted around the affects that contaminated drinking water can have on our health and well-being. 

Stocker Solutions Ashburton have years of experience in testing and providing drinking water solutions and are backed by accredited laboratories and world-renowned suppliers.


Nitrate is a chemical that occurs naturally in soil. It helps plants grow. When the soils contains more Nitrate than a plant needs then the excess is carried through the soil by our rain waters and travels to the groundwater underneath. This groundwater can then be used as a drinking water source. Sometimes there are still Nitrates present in this drinking water and they can be a risk to our health. 

Potential health risks

Further information and studys

Iron and Manganese

Manganese is a metal element found in groundwater. Its preferred life partner is Iron so they are often found together. Manganese is actually an essential trace element, so we need it to survive however when we consume too much it can cause health issues. These two are also responsible for brown drinking water, blocked pipes and stains on basins, baths and tap ware. 

Potential health risks

Further information and studys

E-Coli and Bacteria

E-Coli essentially comes from faeces. It doesn’t need oxygen to live and so water is the perfect breeding ground and transportation device for E-Coli. E-Coli can enter our drinking water from birds going Number 2 on our roof, grazing animals and effluent spreading and even other animals going Number 2 in streams and rivers.

Potential health risks

Drinking water sources

  • Water Safety and compliance is the responsibility of the council or water supplier 
  • Disinfection is required to ensure the water is potable/safe to drink. (Pathogens which can cause disease/sickness are common often from bird or animal faeces).
  • Surface water is affected by weather and often dirty after rainfall.
  • Surface water has been in contact with the ground so some undesirable chemical contaminants can also be present.
  • Higher levels of organic matter can have a negative effect on disinfection and often larger treatment units (e.g. UV’s are required)
  • A water test is essential to designing a treatment system that will work well.
  • Ground water can often contain dissolved chemicals and minerals.
  • Shallower water is at a higher risk of microbial/faecal contamination.
  • Regardless of appearance of taste, a water test is essential to designing a water treatment system that will work well. 

Stockers are Mid Canterbury water experts and can help come up with a solution to your drinking water worries.

The process

Step 1: Lab test

The only way to be certain of what’s in your water is to send a sample to a Laboratory for testing.

Our team will collect a sample of drinking water from your home.
We will then send the sample to Hills Laboratory.

Hills are an IANZ accredited Drinking Water laboratory allowing them to perform testing to meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules 2022.

Drinking water tests are $265 + gst

Step 2: Solutions

The results of this test will give us a factual look at what's in your drinking water.

Based on your results and our expertise we will piece together a solution to remedy your water worries.

Our solutions range in price based on your needs.

Our friendly water technicians will set up and install a system for you.

Step 3: Follow up

Once your new drinking water solution is installed we will take another drinking water test and send it back to the lab to confirm the remedy is satisfactory.

You will receive compliance documentation (if required) and a pat on the back for taking action to make the health of you, your Whanau and all those who drink your water better.

Solving nitrate issues in your water

Ready to know what's in your water?

In November 2021 a Water Services Bill passed into legislation.

The updated Act is designed to ensure all New Zealander’s, like you, are drinking clean, healthy water – free from chemicals and minerals that could harm your health.

What this means for you: If you are a homeowner or landlord, you will soon have to comply with NZ Drinking water standards. If you supply water to other homes (i.e Farm Workers) you will be required to register as a supplier and ensure the water in those homes is up to standard too.

How we can help:

Stocker Solutions are the market leaders in solving water quality issues. Our first step in helping you navigate this is by conducting a Lab Test of your water. 

If your results indicate that your water isn’t up to scratch, then our experienced team of water technicians can arrange to visit you and together we can come up with a water solution.

Book your in-home water test

Fill your details out here, and we will be in touch to organise a date and time for your test. In-home tests are $265 +GST

*Please note we only cover the Mid Canterbury region at this stage. Please contact a local Plumber if you are outside of Mid Canterbury.