Let Us Handle the Pressure

The plumbing team know the importance that water plays in our day to day lives. That’s why our team is capable of taking care of all your plumbing needs. From a leaking tap in the kitchen, through to full water reticulation systems, let us handle the pressure.


No Leaking Taps!

We know that water is a part of everyday life. That is why our team can take care of any aspect of plumbing.
From a leaking tap, through to installing a new cylinder system or fire, we can help you out right down to the council consent.
We can also help you undertake bathroom or kitchen alterations/new installations, gas conversions and new fire installations replacement.


Reticulation at its best

From a leaking ball valve through to a full shed installation, we have got you covered.
After years of experience, we believe our shed plumbing system, using the best materials available will keep you running 24/7 and save water and power.
We can install easy to use cost efficient systems and quality water pumps to move water around your whole farm.


Keeping Your Business Flowing

Specialist plants need specialised equipment, and our qualified team has the knowledge to handle commercial situations.
From plumbing specialist pumps, to designing reticulation systems to save money and maintenance costs, we’ve got you covered.


Continuous Warm Water

When constant hot water is required, our team has got a solution for you.
From single tap gas califonts, through to whole house replacement, our team can help remove your electric cylinder to provide constant gas heated water.
We can take care of the whole conversion process for you even down to the paper work.


Harnessing Sun Power​

With todays society looking at more environmentally friendly options of harnessing energy, or providing electricity to remote areas we have you covered.
From water powered solar heating, through to solar panel powered pumps in the high country or in the middle of a pond, we can help get your water anywhere just with power from the sun and latest solar technology.


Keeping you Warm

With living in the South Island, we know that heat pumps don’t always cut the mustard. That’s why we can supply and install that new or replacement log fire or gas fire for you.
We can even take care of the paperwork for you saving the time and hassle of getting council compliance.


Keeping your water pure

Water quality can be a big issue in homes through to rural locations. We’ve got solutions for hard water, through to E-coli & Nitrates. We have access to a large range of filtration options implementing the latest in water filtration technology. Coupled with our expert advice and analysis, you can rest assured that your families health and wellbeing is maintained.


Locally Owned & Manufactured

Superheat supply our Hot Water Cylinders. They come straight from the source, and by doing this, we can ensure that we are supplying you with the best cylinders available, and reduce the cost to our customers.
From small domestic cylinders right through to large dairy shed cylinders there is a cylinder for every situation.


Keeping You Compliant

We know how important paperwork is to any business or lifestyle.
That’s why our team has you covered when keeping compliant in your milking shed, farm, house, or business.


RPZ Devices & Testing

RPZ devices can be found in a number of places all depending on the application required.
Our IQP Qualified team is certified to be able to test your device and make sure it is performing in the way it is supposed to saving you from costly fines with water contamination.
Better yet, as qualified plumbers, we are able to replace or repair devices.


Chemigation Devices

Similar to an RPZ device, chemigation devices are commonly found on large water lines, or pivots.
Our qualified team can undertake the annual testing requirements, as well as updating council and ECAN registers with the code of compliances.


Laboratory Water Testing

In some cases water is not as pure as it should be. Water contamination can cause havoc if not treated correctly. We have laboratory testing facilities available to us and our customers to find out exactly what could be causing your water quality issues.
Water testing allows us to provide you with the right solution the first time.