Keeping your Pneumatics running

We’ve got your Compressed Air Solutions covered from portable devices through to large industrial units there is something for everyone.
We stock two main brands of compressors to suit different applications from home handyman & portable devices through to high capacity industrial three phase machines.
We are also registered service agents for the brands we supply, and keep a running service schedule running to make sure your machine is staying in top condition.


The reason we choose to supply the Italian made Air Command Compressors. They are designed for heavy industrial applications, in particular dairy applications.
We stock anything from 9cfm through to 30cfm compressors in our showroom. We also have all the parts and knowledge to
make sure your compressed air needs are met.


Ceccato produces a large range of Italian made compressors to suit many applications.
They have a large range of compressors available from portable home handyman units through to large industrial commercial units.
We can design, supply and install the correct machine for your needs.


Our dedicated compressed air service team will keep your compressor running in top shape with our annual service programme. This will extend the life of your compressor and make sure it’s running in top conditions.


We have a range of small portable and fixed compressors to help out with anything from
pumping up a small tyre through to running that home workshop.
With our range of competitive options we have a solution for everyone. 


For those that need a large amount of quality air, screw compressors are renowned for being the best equipment on the market to deliver a large amount of clean air.
These compressors are usually used in large scale industrial applications.


Compressed air runs a large amount of components within the dairy shed.
That is why we have a large range of quality Italian made compressors to handle your compressed air requirements.