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Here at Stocker’s we know that every milking is never the same. We also know that every site we visit is different and deserves the same care and attention to detail.
Although the company started out supplying and installing milking equipment, in a rundown garage, they have gone from strength to strength. They now operate three companies over two main sites.

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Branching out from supplying and installing miking equipment they now offer a complete dairy package, also taking care of water reticulation, effluent, and supplying industrial equipment.

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The plumbing team handles both domestic and commercial installations as well as repairs.
In addition, the Industrial/Mechanical division also takes care of supply, installing, and servicing large scale pneumatic applications as well as steam cleaners, and water blasters.

Stocker Solutions – results for success since 1995

Keeping You Milking

Stocker Solutions has had the same company ethos since its conception, to Keep You Milking. Operating 24/7/365 we are ready to keep you milking any time of the day or year.

GEA Dealership

Stocker’s have been involved with GEA since they brought the Milfos brand in late 2012.
Previous to GEA acquiring Milfos, Stocker’s had been involved with Milfos/Milkaware New Zealand since the conception of the company in 1995.
The GEA network allows us to offer a complete dairy solution from installing a new conversion through to the chemicals in the shed, and daily consumables.

Machine Testing

Our dedicated machine testing team are NZMPTA registered and up to date with all the latest requirements and regulations specified in NZCP1.


We are able to supply and recommend products to retrofit seamlessly into your existing shed, and systems.
From installing ACR’s to upgrading the Milk & Air Line and receiving can to increase milk flow and plant performance.
We can also help upgrade your cooling and filtration systems to meet NZCP1 requirements.

Milking, Dairy Farming, Milfos, GEA, Mid Canterbury, Cows, Dairy Shed

Let Us Handle The Pressure

The plumbing team know the importance that water plays in our day to day lives. That’s why our team is capable of taking care of all your plumbing needs. From a leaking tap in the kitchen, through to full water reticulation systems, let us handle the pressure.

Domestic Plumbing

We know that water is a part of everyday life. That is why our team can take care of any aspect of plumbing.
From a leaking tap, through to installing a new cylinder system or fire, we can help you out right down to the council consent.
We can also help you undertake bathroom or kitchen alterations or installations.

Dairy Shed Plumbing

From a leaking ball valve through to a full shed installation, we have got you covered.
After years of experience, we believe our shed plumbing system, using the best materials available will keep you running 24/7 and save water and power.

Plumbing, Canterbury, Ashburton, Grundfos, Fusiotherm

RPZ & Chem Testing

Our team is IQP qualified to handle all of your RPZ and Chemigation valve testing requirements for ECAN.
From annual testing through to installation and maintenance you can be rest assured that we are handling your pressure and backflow requirements.

Effluent Solutions

Being a GEA Dealership gives us the opportunity to source, supply, and install the proven Canadian brand of Houle Effluent Products. Originally designed for barn applications, these products are proving their worth in the Canterbury region and adhere to all Effluent requirements set out by ECAN. We also have the knowledge and know how to design a system to suit your effluent requirements.

Effluent, Houle, GEA, Stockers, Mic Canterbury

Houle Slope Screens

Houle have designed a robust Canadian built range of slope screens to suit your effluent needs. This is one of the few things in this industry that don’t move and only requires simple maintenance.
It also has the added benefits of very low running costs, reduction of wear and blockage of pumps, effluent lines and irrigator nozzles, uses less fresh water by recycling green water for washdown. It assists soil infiltration rates making pasture suitable for grazing sooner.

Sabre Effluent Pumps

Sabre offer the toughest solutions with the range of progressing cavity pumps. These pumps are heavily built units that an handle the rigours of daily usage and have all the smarts that make them the best choice on the market today.
They are self priming, and have a non clogging operation with high suction lift capabilities.
Consisting of a cast iron body, with hard plated stainless steel rotor, and nitrile serrator, and WEG motor with a stainless steel base plate means they are built to last.

Flush Valve Yard Solutions

Another quality robust Canadian built effluent product.
This is the no fuss easy way to keep your yard, barn and feed pad clean.
The specially engineered pumps on pontoons and flush valves are designed to discharge flush water in high volumes with supreme cleaning results.
The controlled flow distributes evenly across the yard with a 6M working width per valve, with no restriction on time compared with using flush tanks.

Industrial Solutions

Here at Stocker Solutions, we believe that you need the right machine the first time, not two or machines later.
That is why we only offer the best quality products, to outlast those two or three machines you would have gone through in the meantime.

Air Command Compressors

The reason we choose to supply Air Command Compressors? They are designed for heavy industrial applications, in particular dairy applications.
We stock anything from 9cfm through to 25cfm quality Italian compressors in our showroom. We also have all the parts and knowledge to make sure your compressed air needs are met.

Lavor Hyper L

The Lavor hot water/high pressure steam cleaners are one of the best steam cleaners for industrial use. They run on single phase power and are very mobile.
From the dairy shed right through to the farm motorbike or more, the Italian made Lavor steam cleaner can handle the job. You can also rest assured that with an operating temperature of 140oC even the toughest grime is removed.

Powershot Waterblasters

If a steam cleaner is not the way you want to go, we have the Powershot Waterblasters to suit your needs.
These machines are made in the USA and over engineered to handle the hardest abuse around the farm.
With the ability of running from any water source, you have the peace of mind that you can take it with you anywhere.


If you need a steam or water cleaner for full industrial large scale continuous washing, Kranzle cleaners have a large range perfect for that use. The cleaners are German made to the highest standards to operate continuously at high pressures, 365 days of the year.

Grundfos Pumps

We choose to stock Grundfos pumps as we believe that a pump is an integral part of a dairy shed.
Grundfos have proven their reliability again and again, and after 60 years of operations, we think they deserve their 50% share of the worldwide pump market.

Superheat Water Cylinders

Superheat supply our dairy grade Hot Water Cylinders. They come straight from the source, and by doing this, we can ensure that we are supplying you with the best cylinders available, and reduce the cost to our customers.

McConnel Backing Gates

When it comes to McConnel backing gate drives, we’ve got you covered.
We stock a full range of consumable and replacement parts, and have the largest range of stock on hand in Ashburton. If we don’t have it, we can also order it in quickly.
We can also supply you with a new drive to the right specifications, and install it. If it just needs a repair or service, we can do this too.

Our Trusted Brands

We believe that you need the right product the first time, not the second or third time.
With over 20 years of operation, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

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