Is your drinking water safe and up to NZ standards?

NZ has an abundance of fresh water but not all of it is suitable for drinking.

Clear fresh water can contain organisms too small to be visible. Water can become contaminated by chemical elements from the ground on its journey to your tap.

The only way to be certain of what’s in your water is to send a sample to a Laboratory for testing. Stockers are your local water experts and can help come up with a solution if your test results conclude you need remedies.

If you don’t want to have a lab test you can order a water assessment kit from us, free of charge. This kit will give you a snapshot of what’s in your water and will give you an indication on if your water needs further investigation.

Craig from Stocker Solutions talks about the 2021 Water Services Act


The updated Act is designed to ensure all New Zealander’s, like you, are drinking clean, healthy water – free from chemicals and minerals that could harm your health.

What this means for you: If you are a homeowner or landlord, you will soon have to comply with NZ Drinking water standards. If you supply water to other homes (i.e Farm Workers) you will be required to register as a supplier and ensure the water in those homes is up to standard too.

How we can help:

Stocker Solutions are the market leaders in solving water quality issues. Our first step in helping you navigate this is by providing you with a free DIY water assessment strip so you can get a snapshot of your water characteristics.  

If your strip results indicate that your water isn’t up to scratch, then our experienced team of water technicians can arrange to visit you and together we can come up with a water solution.

Where is your water supply coming from?

  • Water Safety and compliance is the responsibility of the council or water supplier 
  • Disinfection is required to ensure the water is potable/safe to drink. (Pathogens which can cause disease/sickness are common often from bird or animal faeces).
  • Surface water is affected by weather and often dirty after rainfall.
  • Surface water has been in contact with the ground so some undesirable chemical contaminants can also be present.
  • Higher levels of organic matter can have a negative effect on disinfection and often larger treatment units (e.g. UV’s are required)
  • A water test is essential to designing a treatment system that will work well.
  • Ground water can often contain dissolved chemicals and minerals.
  • Shallower water is at a higher risk of microbial/faecal contamination.
  • Regardless of appearance of taste, a water test is essential to designing a water treatment system that will work well. 

The Stockers Solution

We’ll send you an assessment strip so you can test your water at home. 

If your strip suggests that your results are satisfactory then great! You probably don’t need to do anything.

If your strip results show a colour change into the bold outlines, then give our water technicians a call – it’s time for a lab test. 

To fully understand what is in your water we send a sample for a full chemical water test to an accredited laboratory.

This test will give us a factual data point to work from.

With the results of the water test back from the lab we’ll use our expertise and experience to come up with solutions for you.

You’ll get a call from us telling you the results and what we can do to improve your water.

Where treatment equipment is required, our friendly, professional technicians will set up and install everything to ensure your water is up to a Legal and great tasting, healthy standard.

Once everything is in place, we’ll take another test sample to ensure everything is performing properly.

You’ll receive compliance documentation and a pat on the back for providing top-notch water to your family and staff! 

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Ready to know what's in your water?

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