Commercial Installations

We are fortunate to be able to work with some industry leaders in their fields in order to help keep them running.


We’ve been involved with several business in the Honey sector. From repairs through to custom fabrication we’ve covered items on both the processing and storage side.


One of the biggest parts of running a transport business is keeping the fleet of vehicles in top condition.
We’ve been tasked with constructing truck washes, and waste product treatment facilites, all custom designed and manufactured to suit each clients needs.


Keeping commercial agricultural equipment clean is a big job and we were tasked in creating a custom solution for Jackson Holmes new yard in Methven.
Commercial Steam Cleaning and Water Blasting areas were created as well as a specialised water delivery system to deal with the high levels of daily use.


Sometimes instead of bringing the cows to the shed, you need to bring the shed to the cows.
We have designed and produced a fully working portable milking machine, to help keep you milking anywhere, anytime.


When RX Plastics needed a solution for a new plant, we were tasked with  creating a system to move PVC powder around their manufacturing plant.
With a variety of conditions that needed to be met when operating with the powder we created a full stainless steel system that is flexible in places and robust to deal with the requirements of the commercial operation.


A large commercial operation such as Wrights Drycleaners uses specialist equipment that runs off compressed air.
We supply and maintain the industrial compressor and some of the hydraulic equipment for Wright’s as well as their plumbing allowing them keep operational 24/7.