Keeping your water pure

The plumbing team know the importance of keeping your water source pure.
We have access to a large range of filtration options implementing the latest in water filtration technology. Coupled with our expert advice and analysis, you can rest assured that your families health and wellbeing is maintained.


Water quality can be a big issue in homes through to rural locations.
With hard water causing buildup in pipes, or E-coli affecting your water quality.
We first start with a laboratory water test report to assess your requirements your water treatment requires.


After assessing your water lab report we will offer the best solution and equipment to treat any possible nasties you may have in your water.
Through our suppliers we  have access to the latest North American & European filtration technology.


Our qualified team will install your new water filtration system and keep in touch with you to make sure you are up to date with any filter replacements or servicing required.
By following a scheduled maintenance plan, we can make sure you will always have the best quality water.