Stocker’s Colouring Competition


It's School Holiday's and we're running a colouring competition! So download the colouring page by clicking the button below, print it out, and either drop it in to the showroom to claim an entry prize, or upload it using the form below to go into the draw to win your own Stocker's prize pack.

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Stocker’s Calf Milk Solutions


Calf Milk Solutions Here at Stocker's we know that we know that every farm has a different set up, different requirements, or different operator requirements. So that's why we've got a large range of Calf Milk Solutions. From Tank & Stirrer Options, to Stirrer only, Transfer Pumps/Pod Systems, or

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Whether it is a standard solution for storage of milk or an integrated solution which takes in smart controls, snap chilling, energy saving and heat recovery, GEA and Stocker's have a solution to meet your cooling needs. Why Snap Chill? Milk starts to deteriorate the moment it is harvested

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