Stocker’s Calf Milk Solutions


Calf Milk Solutions Here at Stocker's we know that we know that every farm has a different set up, different requirements, or different operator requirements. So that's why we've got a large range of Calf Milk Solutions. From Tank & Stirrer Options, to Stirrer only, Transfer Pumps/Pod Systems, or

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Why is Annual Servicing so Important?


Why is Annual Servicing so Important? Servicing is so important and can be the difference between spending a little to maintain and thousands to replace equipment. Servicing isn't just an oil and filter change (if applicable) it's also a visual or in-depth inspection that can prevent massive failures from

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Whether it is a standard solution for storage of milk or an integrated solution which takes in smart controls, snap chilling, energy saving and heat recovery, GEA and Stocker's have a solution to meet your cooling needs. Why Snap Chill? Milk starts to deteriorate the moment it is harvested

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