Technology is Here to Stay

And GEA are the retrofit automation experts. All GEA products and systems are designed to retrofit seamlessly into your existing shed, and run along side your existing installations.

The systems, are also specifically designed so that you can upgrade them at any stage from the basic model through to the advanced models without any major hassle. Meaning you can have the convenience of automation, and upgrade them as your need or budget allows.

Automatic teat spray systems reduce operator workload and ensures all animals are consistently sprayed after every milking.

• In bail rotary option
• Walkover options for herringbone
• Metered dose rates that can be adjusted
• Easy fill pressurised vessel
• Can be fitted to any dairy

GEA’s range of automatic drafting options allows you to sort individual animals or groups efficiently, quickly and reliably.

• Three gate options available
• No monthly software fee
• Can integrate with walk-over-weighing

Save time and stay in control with CowScout animal monitoring technology.

• Records animal activity 24/7
• Provides heat detection & health monitoring alerts
• Detect fertility problems early
• Identify & treat cows early

Automatic cup removers standardise the milking routine and allow re-allocation of labour to focus on farm management tasks.

• Options available for standard cluster remover through to milk metering
• Visual indicators show operator the bail alerts
• Seamless upgrade path available

Make your decisions based on reliable data with GEA Herd Management.

• Record, monitor, maintain and control data
• Make up to the minute decisions on milk production, feeding and animal health
• Integrate with drafting, weighing, animal monitoring